Tom Engelhardt

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How to be a rogue superpower

The USA's implacable pursuit of Edward Snowden demonstrates the sole superpower's reach and suppression of information.


Dumb and dumber: A secret CIA drone base

Repeated invasions, occupations and drone wars have played a major role in the unravelling of the Greater Middle East.


The American lockdown state

The US has become a nation not of laws but of legal memos, not of legality but of legalisms.


The Pentagon as a global NRA

For Washington, there is no arms control abroad.


The US intelligence community's New Year's wish

In recent years, the US intelligence community has been one of Washington's major growth industries.


How the US intelligence community came out of the shadows

In the past, US presidents pursued "plausible deniability" when it came to assassination plots, but not anymore.


How a community organiser became a robot president

American drone and air strikes have "actually increased membership in al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula".


The war of the image managers

What did it mean for two generals to soar to media glory while the wars they commanded landed in the nearest ditch?


The mandate of hell: How not to change the world

Superstorm Sandy revealed just how "unprepared" the US infrastructure is for "predicted climate change events".


Dealing with oil-Qaeda

For years, energy executives have funded a massive campaign to deny the reality of climate change.


Democratic Mockpocalypse: How big can one election get?

Everything about this year is crucial and record-making - from attack ads to campaign donations, writes Engelhardt.

US & Canada

Overwrought empire: The discrediting of US military power

The US is the sole planetary Top Gun in a way that empire-builders once fantasised about, writes Engelhardt.