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US & Canada

US families receive Iran payouts, decades after bombings

Compensation to relatives of victims of 'state-sponsored acts of terrorism' comes from fines on sanctions violators.


Trump's crusade against Obamacare: a complicated matter

Repealing the Affordable Care Act will not be easy, as the Republican proposal faces criticism from left and right.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump comes to power, in the White House and online

The presidential @POTUS handle was taken over by Trump in a slightly less than smooth transition.


Trump trumps up the wrong technological threat

US president-elect doubts security of computers for communication, while ignoring job losses caused by automated replacements.

United States

Trump's Taiwan call opens questions about his Asia agenda

US president-elect's direct contact with President Tsai might be hinting at changes in Washington's China policy.

US Elections 2016

Hillary Clinton rose to power, stumbled before end goal

She was rated by Americans for 20 years as the most admired woman in the world, yet failed to win the presidency.

US Elections 2016

US election 2016: The twists and turns of a joyless campaign

A week of allegations and counter-allegations may leave voters desperate to see the end of this campaign.

US Elections 2016

US election tactics: Getting voters out, or to stay home

While the Clinton campaign focuses on getting voters out, a Trump official talks of "voter suppression operations".

US Elections 2016

Donald Trump: a billionaire shunned by the very rich

No chief executive of a Fortune 100 company has donated to the candidate who's promised phenomenal economic growth.

US Elections 2016

The psychological warfare of presidential debate guests

Donald Trump invites Barack Obama's half-brother to debate; Hillary Clinton's guests are self-made billionaires.

US Elections 2016

Could the US election be stolen?

Despite hacking threat, several states use machines without paper back-ups that can be checked against computer tallies.