Thessa Lageman

Thessa Lageman is a journalist and photographer who has lived in Tunisia, Kuwait and Egypt and is now based in the Netherlands.


Refugees in limbo after Tunisia shuts desert camp

Four years after the UN ceased operations at Choucha camp, authorities have cleared out the remaining men.


Dutch election day: What six voters have to say

Al Jazeera headed to polling stations around The Hague to speak to people about who they're voting for and why.


The cemetery of unknown refugees from the Mediterranean

Hundreds of people have been buried outside Zarzis, Tunisia, after drowning while attempting to cross the sea.

Middle East

Life in Tunisia's closed refugee camp: 'I lost my mind'

Years after UNHCR shut down Choucha refugee camp, dozens of people continue to struggle for survival in decrepit tents.

Middle East

Tunisia: 'Nobody can perform the miracles we need'

Country's economic outlook remains precarious after the removal of Prime Minister Habib Essid.

War & Conflict

Horror still fresh a year after Tunisia museum attack

Employees at the Bardo Museum are grappling with lasting trauma as tourists remain scarce.


Mohamed Bouazizi: Was the Arab Spring worth dying for?

Five years since the Tunisian fruit vendor died after setting himself on fire, his family still hopes for change.


Is help on the way for Tunisia's cancer hotspot?

The phosphate plant in the polluted city of Gabes may soon be dumping its waste elsewhere - but many are sceptical.

Business & Economy

Tunisia's tourism struggling one month after massacre

Businesses are closing and employees are losing their jobs in Sousse, the seaside city where 38 were killed last month.

Human Rights

Probing the fate of Tunisia's missing migrants

Commission to investigate what happened to 520 people who disappeared after illegally crossing to Italy.

Human Rights

Kuwait opens shelter for 'runaway maids'

New government-run shelter caters to housemaids fleeing hardship at the hands of their employers.


Islamic State fears take hold in Netherlands

Street tension between radical Muslims and Holland's hard right rises, as Islamic State anxiety grows.