Teresa Bo

Teresa Bo, based in Buenos Aires, covers Latin America, where she has investigated the darker side of Argentinian politics and reported in-depth on the "war on drugs", travelling deep into the jungles of Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru.

She won two major awards in Spain for her coverage of the war in Iraq, including the prestigious Lara Prize for Best Journalist Under 30 years old. A native Argentinean, Teresa holds a bachelor's degree in international politics and a master's degree in international peace and conflict resolution.

Latin America

Venezuela crisis: Anti-Maduro protests overshadow Armed Forces Day

Saturday was Armed Forces Day in Venezuela, commemorating those who played a crucial role in former leader Hugo Chavez's socialist revolution.

Latin America

Venezuela faces food and medical supply shortage

Thousands of Venezuelans are protesting almost daily against President Nicolas Maduro's government. They want the elections to be held and to see an end to shortages of food and medical supplies. Al Jazeera’s Teresa Bo reports from Caracas.

Latin America

Venezuela crisis: Opposition calls for civil disobedience

Venezuela's opposition has called for widespread civil disobedience in a new push to remove President Nicolas Maduro's government from power.

Latin America

UN: One in eight children suffer from food shortage in Argentina

About one-third of the country's total population suffer from poverty.

Latin America

Brazil violence: Murders on the rise in Rio de Janeiro

Violence is on the rise in Rio de Janeiro, with experts saying the Brazilian city is experiencing its worst security crisis in more than a decade. Sixty-five police officers have been killed so far this year.

Latin America

Brazilians struggle to survive corruption crisis

Hundreds of politicians and businessmen are being investigated for corruption and money laundering in Brazil, in one of the biggest anti-graft probes in the country’s history.

Latin America

Brazil's Temer sticks to reform to tame budget deficit

The Brazilian government will not give up on fiscal reform as a measure to bring the budget deficit under control, according to embattled president Michel Temer.

Latin America

Argentine forces accused of abusing youth in slums

Security forces patrolling slums in Argentina have regularly detained and beaten up young people without reason, according to human rights groups.

Latin America

Ex-president enjoys support despite corruption scandal

Lula da Silva, Brazil’s former president, is being investigated over 'Operation Car Wash', the nickname given for the country’s largest corruption scandal.

Latin America

Argentinians furious over supreme court ruling

Thousands of relatives of those who disappeared during Argentina's last military dictatorship have reacted with anger to a controversial decision by the country's Supreme Court.

Latin America

Venezuelans forced to cross border for medical care

The economic crisis continues to have a profound effect on the daily lives of Venezuelans. In border regions many are forced to cross into Colombia to get the medical care they need. Al Jazeera’s Teresa Bo reports from Cucuta.

Latin America

Calls for calm in Venezuela over rising unrest

Venezuela's chief prosecutor is urging restraint from both the government and opposition after the deaths of two more people during protests.