Teresa Bo

Teresa Bo, based in Buenos Aires, covers Latin America, where she has investigated the darker side of Argentinian politics and reported in-depth on the "war on drugs", travelling deep into the jungles of Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru.

She won two major awards in Spain for her coverage of the war in Iraq, including the prestigious Lara Prize for Best Journalist Under 30 years old. A native Argentinean, Teresa holds a bachelor's degree in international politics and a master's degree in international peace and conflict resolution.

Latin America

Argentina plans to rebuild its biggest slum

The biggest slum in Buenos Aires has been a thorn in the side of the city’s government for years. But now there's a plan to redevelop the township. Al Jazeera’s Teresa Bo reports from Buenos Aires.

Latin America

Venezuela protesters mount pressure on President Maduro

Demonstrators in Venezuela have fought with security officers during protests calling for President Nicolas Maduro to step down.


Argentinians protest against austerity measures

Argentinians angry at austerity measures introduced by President Mauricio Macri are calling for wage increases to be in line with inflation. Teachers, bus drivers, factory workers and customs agents took part in a 24-hour anti-government strike.

Latin America

Political turmoil threatens Paraguay's economy

The United Nations is urging Paraguay to investigate the death of a protester during anti-government rallies last week.

Latin America

Paraguay: Politicians delay divisive vote amid growing protests

Political tension is continuing in Paraguay with protesters taking to the streets as the lower house postponed a controversial vote allowing the president to run for re-election. Al Jazeera’s Theresa Bo reports from Asuncion.

Latin America

Paraguay president calls for political agreement

Paraguay's government is trying to find a way out of a political crisis after an attempt to change the constitution to allow the current president to be re-elected.

Latin America

Venezuela’s president accused of coup

The speaker of Venezuela's opposition-controlled national assembly has accused President Nicolas Maduro of staging a coup. The Supreme Court has given itself legislative powers while effectively shutting down congress.

Latin America

Thousands rally across Brazil for anti-corruption probe

Brazilians have held nationwide demonstrations in support of an anti-corruption investigation, now into its fourth year.

Latin America

Brazil steps up anti-corruption campaign

Brazil's meat industry is just one sector in which the country is fighting corruption. It has been three years since the start of a wider investigation, known as 'Operation Car Wash'.

Latin America

Brazil meat exports plunge after corruption scandal

Brazilian meat exports have dropped from more than $60m a day to a mere $74,000. This follows a corruption scandal that has undermined trust in food controls and prompted other countries to pull Brazilian beef and chicken from supermarket shelves.


Argentina poverty levels hit an all-time low

A new report by the Argentine Catholic University says 1.5 million people in Argentina have fallen into poverty since Mauricio Macri took office. Activists say more resources are needed to assist those struggling to survive.

Latin America

Argentina: Thousands rally against abuse on Women's Day

Thousands of women took to the streets in Argentina's capital on International Women's Day. They demanded greater rights and protection from abusive partners. Almost 300 women were murdered in Argentina last year.