Ted Rall


The inevitability of Mitt Romney

"Conventional wisdom" has kept other GOP candidates at bay and ensured Romney remains the likely Republican nominee.


US double standard: Gaddafi bad, Karimov good

The US shows its hypocrisy by accusing 'tyrants' of human rights abuses while not owning up to supporting dictators.


The de-politicisation of political media

US political ideologies are converging on the right, but the power of ideas doesn't matter in this popularity contest.


United we bland

Calls for a return to post-9/11 "unity" in the US, flirt with the elementary constructs of fascism, author says.


Libya: The triumphalism of the US media

Obama and the US media are taking credit for Gaddafi's downfall, but it was the Libyan fighters who won the war.


The US' war of words against Syria

The US war of words against Syria is marred by hypocrisy and a lack of realism.

Business & Economy

Tied to a drowning man

The interconnectedness of the world economy means that US economic woes will have severe effects on others.


How the US media marginalises dissent

The US media derides views outside of the mainstream as 'un-serious', and our democracy suffers as a result.


Censorship of war casualties in the US

US mainstream media and the public's willful ignorance is to blame for lack of knowledge about true cost of wars.

US & Canada

The US love affair with drones

A war strategy built around drone attacks is not only unethical, but will hurt US interests in the long run.

Business & Economy

The emperor has no economy

Corporate profits are up, consumer income is down, and Orwellian talking points are soaring.


Libya and War Powers

The war against Libya may violate the US constitution, but once again the empire moves ahead with the military option.