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UN summons South Africa to defend itself at the ICC

South Africa has been summoned to the International Criminal Court in The Hague to explain why it didn’t arrest Omar al-Bashir. The Sudanese President was in Johannesburg for an African Union summit in 2015.


South Africa's Cosatu urges Zuma to step down

Largest trade union demands president's resignation amid criticism of his removal of finance minister and handling of economy.


World Autism Day highlights lack of resources in S Africa

Sunday is World Autism Awareness Day, where campaigners highlight the disorder which causes sufferers to feel isolated from society. In South Africa, many children with special needs do not get the care they need due to a lack of available resources.


South Africa: President Zuma sacks high-profile ministers

South African President Jacob Zuma sacked multiple high-profile ministers after ignoring warnings from some leaders and allies.


Questions raised over South Africa's new minimum wage

South Africa's government will introduce the country's first national minimum wage, meaning more than six million of the lowest-paid workers will have more money in their pockets. But some critics say that at $1.60 an hour, it’s far too low.


South Africa: Cape Town gentrification destroys lives of the poor

Property developers buying and renovating old buildings are driving up prices and rents. Some poor families in Cape Town face being moved out, and it's evoking painful memories of apartheid in South Africa.


Durban stripped of 2022 Commonwealth Games

South African officials have voiced their disappointment after Durban was stripped of the 2022 Commonwealth Games amid financial problems. It would have been the first African city to host an international multi-sport event.


South Africa nurses step in to fill hospital shortages

Nurses are helping South Africa to overcome a medical emergency. They're being given greater powers to treat patients because there is a shortage of doctors.

South Africa

South Africa considers legalising rhino horn trade

Rhino poaching has reached record levels as the animals’ horns are prized in countries such as China and Vietnam, where they are kept as status symbols or used for traditional medicine.