Tania Page

South Africa correspondent

South Africa

South Africa: Local elections a litmus test for ANC

South Africans are voting in local elections, the layer of government with the largest impact on peoples' daily lives. The vote will be a verdict on the governing African National Congress.


UN: Rising environmental crime threatens our societies

On World Environment Day, the UN warns that criminals are robbing the Earth's resources faster than previously believed.

South Africa

South Africa struggles to net abalone poachers

Illegal trade of type of giant sea snail on the rise as smugglers make $440m annually through trafficking.

War & Conflict

CAR votes: Bloodshed has clotted but wounds still ache

After two years of bloody conflict, the Central African Republic tries to build a new normal as election is held.

War & Conflict

Hopeful security signs in CAR

A more aggressive approach by new commander of UN peacekeepers brings respite from strife in the African country.

Arts & Culture

Recording facility fosters S African musical talent

Johannesburg's Downtown Music Hub is a government initiative offering high-quality recording facilities at a low cost.


African leaders talk tough at summit on child marriage

AU leaders in Zambia say ending practice is a priority but governments must create and enforce laws to stop problem.

South Africa

Fear of xenophobic attacks persists in South Africa

South African government blamed by foreign African nationals in Durban of not doing enough to help or protect them.


Ghost of Marikana haunts Ramaphosa

As families continue to blame South Africa's deputy president for massacre, incident looks set to haunt him forever.


Ivory Coast's comeback

As elections near attention turns to the economy and though growth is strong, optimism is welcomed with caution.

Arts & Culture

S Africa school game tackles domestic violence

Each roll of dice lands players on a new question in a board game meant to educate young people about sexual abuse.

Human Rights

South African students protest over use of Afrikaans

Stellenbosch students say Afrikaans language is favoured at their school and that its use promotes racism.