Sylvia Rowley


Syria's war victims find healing in Jordan

A unique hospital set up by Doctors Without Borders is providing free reconstructive surgery to those injured in war.


In Pictures: Congo's park rangers under fire

More than 130 rangers at Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been killed in past 20 years.


DR Congo: Gorillas, guerrillas and oil

In DR Congo, a national park caring for gorillas and the community could be jeopardised by plans for oil exploration.


Tuberculosis makes a comeback

On World TB Day, drug-resistant forms of the dangerous disease continue to surge around the globe.

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In Pictures: Saving the Amazon

How one Texan rancher is fighting to save the Amazon rainforest.


'Hero rats' sniff out Tanzania tuberculosis

Since 2008, a team of 77 African giant pouched rats have helped doctors find cases of tuberculosis in human patients.


EU supermarkets blamed for Kenya food waste

More than 15 percent of food grown in Kenya is discarded due to the "cosmetic standards" of supermarkets in Europe.