Sue Turton

Sue Turton is an Al Jazeera correspondent who has covered Afghanistan, Libya and Syria extensively for the network.

Middle East

Exclusive interview: Nasser al-Hariri on Syria peace process

Exclusive interview: Nasser al-Hariri on the Syria peace process.

Middle East

How long until foreign troops fight ISIL?

Kurdish Peshmerga troops say that it's time for the world to realise that they can't fight the armed group alone.

Middle East

Israeli authorities accused of child torture

Al Jazeera speaks to a teenager from the Occupied West Bank about his experiences in and out of Israeli jails.

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Where is Syria aid money really going?

For all the million-dollar pledges, the chance of aid reaching some of the most in need is very slim.

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Jabhat al-Nusra says it stands for 'justice'

US-designated terrorist organisation Jabhat al-Nusra says "if justice is al-Qaeda, then we are with them".

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A legal window in Syria's Jabal al-Zawiyah

A new court in a rebel-held part of Idlib province vows to bring law and order to the area.

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Leaving Syria with a promise

Getting medical aid to Syria is not a political decision - it is a humanitarian responsibility.

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Salma: A desperate Syrian town

Life in the small, northwest Syrian town of Salma has become hell, says one paediatrician, who has decided to stay.

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Syria's desire for revenge

Desire for revenge against state's symbols of oppression are evident in areas where Free Syrian Army has won control.


Khodorkovsky discusses Putin's return

Former oil baron, in jail for nine years now, tells Al Jazeera there is now a demand for modern state institutions and for political competition in Russia.


Russia's new weapon for crowd control

Umbrellas for batons as Russian plain clothed officers attempt to control crowds during May Day commemorations.


Giving birth on the frontline

The impact of the drawn out conflict on ordinary people in Sirte was brought into sharp focus for us last night when a mother had to give birth on the frontline.