Stephen Cole


A Baltic cesspool?

Stephen Cole reports on efforts to save the world's most polluted body of water.


Reporter's Diary: Concluding Davos

World leaders call for co-operation in solving the global economic crisis.

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Reporter's diary: New era in Davos?

Al Jazeera's Stephen Cole reports from the World Economic Forum.


Reporter's diary: Storming out

Turkey's prime minister walks out of Davos after a row with the Israeli president.

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Reporter's diary: Savouring Davos

Bankers and financiers meet at the 39th World Economic Forum in Switzerland.


Another G8 photo op?

Al Jazeera's Stephen Cole examines what was really achieved at the summit.


Bulgarian treasures lost to raiders

Looters stealing Thracian antiquities are robbing the country of its heritage.


Belgium puts its right foot forward

Al Jazeera travels to the heart of Europe in a series on the rise of the right.