Stephanie Scawen


Malaysia slammed for arresting Australian journalists

Rights groups denounce detentions as the latest sign of the erosion of freedom of the press in the country.


Obesity statistics ring alarm bells in Malaysia

Officials blame high-calorie diet and sedentary urban lifestyle as half the population is deemed overweight or obese.


Malaysia: 'Deradicalisation' and the threat from ISIL

Prime Minister Najib leads conference on "extremist ideology" after ISIL cell reportedly neutralised before attack.


E-cigarette bans in Malaysia spark debate

Business owners and smokers protest as more Malaysian states ban the use of highly popular "vapes".


'Imminent terrorist threat' reported in Malaysia

Army deployed after reports that ISIL and Abu Sayyaf suicide bombers may be planning attacks in Kuala Lumpur.


Abu Sayyaf beheading of Malaysian condemned

PM Najib said he's shocked and sickened after hostage killed by the armed group in the southern Philippines.

Human Rights

HRW: Malaysia government creating culture of fear

Malaysia in danger of becoming a "failed democratic state" as it continues to stifle criticism, Human Rights Watch says.


The true cost of Malaysia haze

The economic impact of Malaysia's haze will take months to assess, but are consumer power or product bans much help?

Child rights

Malaysia: Outrage after 5 indigenous children die

Scared of teacher beatings, Orang Asli kids ran away and hid in the jungle for seven weeks before starving to death.

Asia Pacific

Support for Malaysia's PM Najib dwindles after scandal

Opposition group calls for PM Najib Razak to quit, arguing he "grossly abused his powers" in a corruption scandal.


Beware the dragons of Hong Kong

Beijing's attempt to control the political future of Hong Kong has stirred its long-dormant will for freedom.


Malaysia sedition crackdown denounced

Opposition accuses the government of abusing its power by increasingly employing a sedition law to silence it.