Stephanie Scawen


Malaysian law lecturer arrested for sedition

Azmi Sharom becomes the ninth person arrested this year for what many observers say are politically-related reasons.

Al Jazeera Correspondent

'In my dreams, I am not disabled'

Can scientists come up with a cure for multiple sclerosis, and will it be in time to stop me ending up in a wheelchair?

Al Jazeera Correspondent

The making of MS & Me

Boats, wheelchairs and being half frozen to death.

Al Jazeera Correspondent

Living with MS

Stephanie Scawen gives an insight into her life with Multiple Sclerosis and the search for a cure.


Cambodia wilderness under the chainsaw

Villagers who rely on the Prey Lang forest for their livelihood protest against logging.


Cambodia's 'Killing Fields' artist dies

Former Khmer Rouge prisoner who was saved from death after painting Pol Pot used art to continue to show the world what life was like under the brutal regime.


The contest for Sri Lanka's future

Tamil voters could prove crucial in election that will determine post-war direction.


Cambodia's long road to justice

Former Khmer Rouge stronghold of Pailin emerges from the shadows of genocide.


Apec: Aspirations, but no action

What did the $270m Sydney summit really achieve?

Asia Pacific

The legacy of Year Zero

More than three decades on, Cambodia has yet to come to terms with the Khmer Rouge.