Stephanie Ott

Syrian Refugees

Syrian refugee's 'voice was not heard' in Facebook case

German court has rejected Anas Modamani's request for Facebook to seek out and remove posts linking him to 'terrorism'.

Syrian Refugees

How a selfie with Merkel changed Syrian refugee's life

Anas Modamani has taken Facebook to court over false news stories using the photo to link him to 'terrorism'.

Muslim Ban

What happens to Iraqis who worked with the US military?

Farah worked with the US military in Iraq. Her husband was killed and her father kidnapped because of it.


New York Democrats wake up to a Trump presidency

Shock at party intended to celebrate a Clinton victory in Trump's home town - a resolutely Democratic city.

US Elections 2016

New Yorkers vote for the next American president

A view of the US presidential election from the polling booths of New York.

Arts & Culture

From East Germany to Cuba in my mother's footsteps

In 1987, my mother worked at Havana’s iconic Hotel Nacional as part of a cultural delegation from East Germany.

War & Conflict

Nine candidates audition for UN chief's job

Men and women hoping to succeed Ban Ki-moon explain how they will represent interests of planet's seven billion people.


Worlds apart: Panama's indigenous and the Panama Papers

Indigenous Panamanians fail to benefit from country's growing wealth and dispute notion that money equals riches.

Poverty & Development

Haiti earthquake: A new start in Canaan for survivors

After a 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated Haiti on January 12, 2010, 209,000 Haitians found new homes in Canaan.

United States

'I came to live in dignity': Syrian refugees in the US

As some governors call for Syrian refugees to be turned away, one who is already in the US speaks out.

Middle East

Syrians at Zaatari camp: 'We can't live here forever'

Jordan's largest refugee camp has developed into an informal city with a bustling economy, but many yearn to leave.


Playing football to cope with the trauma of Syria's war

About 1,000 Syrian children at Jordan's Zaatari refugee camp have enrolled in a weekly football programme.