Steff Gaulter

Meteorologist Steff Gaulter has led the weather department at Al Jazeera English since the channel’s launch in 2006.

Initially she was the sole member of the weather team, but she is now heading up the four-strong team of fully qualified and very experienced meteorologists.

Steff gained an MA in Physics from Cambridge University before joining the UK Met Office in 1999, where she qualified as a forecaster, and worked at several Royal Air Force bases and civilian centres around the UK.

Whilst employed by the Met Office, Steff was trained in presenting by the BBC and after a short stint at BBC Bristol's Points West, she joined Sky News in the year 2000. As a key member of the weather team, she was seen presenting the weather from various locations including the Glastonbury Music Festival and the FA Cup Final. Steff also became a regular face on Channel Five News and Sky Sports News, as well as appearing on Sky Sports and Channel Four.


Homes destroyed as heavy rains hit the Caribbean

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