Sorin Furcoi

Sorin Furcoi is an online producer and photo editor with Al Jazeera English. Some of the interesting locations he has photographed include the Pacific Northwest in the USA, Romania, Central Africa and the GCC.

Humanitarian crises

Muslims return to CAR to find their homes are gone

Observers warn that if land and property are not returned, there will be no peace in the Central African Republic.

War & Conflict

Why are civilians still being killed in the CAR?

Al Jazeera speaks to the head of the UN peacekeeping mission about plans to bring security to conflict-hit CAR.

Ramadan 2017

IDPs in CAR: There is no food to break our Ramadan fast

As CAR is torn apart along religious lines, IDPs depend on villages, made up of both Christians and Muslims, for food.


CAR: Church shelters Muslims fleeing Anti-balaka

More than 1,500 Muslims who found refuge in a church over a month ago are growing restless and desperate, priest says.

Human Rights

Tensions between Muslims and Christians rise in CAR

At least 26,000 people live in squalid camps around a largely abandoned town after armed groups faced-off there in May.

Human Rights

A 'resurgence' in attacks on people with albinism

Amnesty International say systematic failures have emboldened killers as attacks on people with albinism continue.


Malawi: People with albinism 'living in fear'

Rights group bemoans slow pace of justice after attacks, including murders, leaving those with albinism feel vulnerable.


Refugees and Germans come together for 'Meet n' Eat'

For more than a year, refugees and Germans have met up each week in an east Berlin neighbourhood to cook together.

Poverty & Development

Slovakia's Roma: Living on the margins

There are around a half-million Roma in Slovakia, most of whom live in impoverished slums.


On the trail of the trade in human body parts

In Malawi, people with albinism are being killed for their bones. Al Jazeera investigates what is driving these murders.


Helping Malawi's animals back into the wild

From monkeys to pythons, antelope to lions, the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust rescues, rehabilitates and returns animals.

Humanitarian crises

Mozambican refugees stuck between somewhere and nowhere

Refugees fleeing fighting in Mozambique struggle to come to terms with life in the camps of Malawi.