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Serbian president hosts foreign leaders

Serbia's newly elected president has been hosting foreign leaders in Belgrade for a ceremony to mark his inauguration.


Hundreds of buildings in England to be tested after London fire

Hundreds of high-rise buildings in England are to be checked to see if they have the same type of cladding used on the Grenfell Tower, where at least 79 people died in a fire.


Grenfell Tower fire: Funeral takes place for Syrian refugee

Funeral for Mohammed Alhajali, a Syrian refugee killed in London’s Grenfell Tower blaze, took place on Wednesday.

Middle East

Jeremy Corbyn: ‘You cannot protect police on the cheap’

Despite most parties agreeing to suspend election campaigning for the day following a deadly attack in London, there are political disagreements over the response to Saturday's violence, which killed at least seven people.


Serbia: Aleksandar Vucic to assume presidency amid accusations

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic is set to hand over power to Aleksandar Vucic, a former prime minister, who won a decisive election victory last month.


UK: TV audience grills Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn ahead of vote

British Prime Minister Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, her rival in the upcoming election, faced questions from a live television audience on Monday.


UK: New cigarette packaging aims to burn out smoking

New standards for cigarette packaging have come into force in the UK, in an effort to dissuade people from smoking.


Serbians vote to elect new president

Voters in Serbia headed to the polls to pick a new president in a key election. Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has a strong lead in the polls against a fragmented opposition - and barring a major surprise he is expected to win.


Serbian election campaign leads to tension in Kosovo

Serbs living in Kosovo are eligible to vote in the Serbian presidential election. This highlights the tensions between Kosovo's Serbian and Albanian population. Al Jazeera’s Sonia Gallego reports from Kosovo.


Germany, Turkey try to ease rising tensions

The Turkish and German foreign ministers have met in Berlin to try to settle souring relations.


Turkey-Germany tensions rise over referendum

Turkey has accused Germany of putting systemic political pressure on Turks living there. The two countries have clashed over Turkey's push to drum up support in Germany for a 'yes' vote in a controversial upcoming referendum.