Sohail Malik


Asian snooker players struggling to turn pro

Asia has produced some of the most successful amateur snooker players of the last decade, but many of them find it difficult to break into the professional game.


Should Israel be kicked out of FIFA?

Palestine football is seeking expulsion for Israel since restrictions on player movements is affecting their performance


Can video games make it to the Olympics?

Video game players and associations seek recognition from the IOC and an entry into the Olympics.


Arab World Cup woes

With the Arab world's growing power in football, Sohail Malik asks why Algeria is sole representative at Brazil 2014.


Rethinking the Africa Cup of Nations

Would a four-year cycle at the Africa Cup of Nations be a better deal for players, clubs and managers?


Will Europe’s Olympic experiment work?

Baku in Azerbaijan will host the first European Games in 2015 but there are plenty of hurdles to jump before then.


Swimming and its Olympic-sized hangover

Once the Olympic games are over, swimming is one of the main sports that struggles to recapture public support.


Obama's sporting achievements

President and sports fan – how President Obama has embraced the strategic importance of sport.


New dawn for Mixed Martial Arts

Full contact sport of MMA aiming to join mainstream sports by launching its very own world cup.


Can squash in Pakistan be re-inflated?

The Asian Masters squash championships give hosts Pakistan chance to revive sport and win first major title since 1997.


Is loyalty still a factor in football?

Does Robin van Persie's departure represent the ultimate betrayal or was it simply a business move that made sense?


Does cricket have an Olympic future?

Cricket's inclusion in the Summer Games would be a boost for the Asian sub-continent, writes Sohail Malik.