Sofia Barbarani

South Sudan

A day in the life of Juba's bicycle water vendors

With little access to safe water in South Sudan's capital, bike vendors play a crucial role by delivering it to people.

Mental health

Venezuela's spiralling mental healthcare crisis

The country's economic strife has left the healthcare system struggling to cope with a growing mental health crisis.


Venezuela: A route out of gangs via a rum distillery

How a robbery 13 years ago gave birth to the Alcatraz Project, a scheme that offers gang members work and coaching.

Middle East

Civilians flee ISIL-held territory in Iraq

As Iraqi and coalition forces prepare for Mosul offensive, more people are seeking shelter in Iraq's Kurdish region.

Humanitarian crises

Iraqi cities struggle to recover in ISIL's aftermath

Widespread destruction, reduced municipal services and renewed social tensions plague cities liberated from ISIL.

War & Conflict

The orphans of ISIL

The armed group's rampage across northern Iraq has left many children struggling to cope with the loss of their parents.

Human Rights

Interactive: Iraq's exodus

An overview of the religious and ethnic groups forced to flee from the Islamic State group's advance.


Iraq divided over control of Kirkuk

Baghdad has accused the Kurdistan Regional Government of using the chaos in Iraq to seize control of the disputed city.

Middle East

Iraq's Yazidis: Caught in the crossfire

Caught between Arabs and Kurds, members of the religious minority fear violence as fighting continues across Iraq.

Middle East

'We did not expect Mosul to fall in two days'

Those without relatives in Kurdistan are forced to stay in camps set up by Kurdish government and UNHCR.

War & Conflict

Young Kurds fight alongside ISIL in Syria

Economic instability and unemployment cited as main reasons prompting young men to fight in Syria.


Iraqi Kurds voice scepticism over elections

Amid tensions with Baghdad, Kurdish voters seem largely pessimistic that forthcoming vote will change the status quo.