Simon Tate

Simon Tate is a senior producer for Al Jazeera English's New York bureau.


Kathrine Switzer to run Boston Marathon again, 50 years on

When Kathrine Switzer entered the Boston Marathon in 1967, a race official tried to drag her off the course.

Human Rights

'Prison to college' programme builds brighter futures

Revolutionary university programme aims to change prospects of ex-prisoners and public attitude to their rehabilitation.


Vermont facing 'full-blown heroin crisis'

Governor of tiny US state says it's time to see addiction as health problem, rather than criminal, as use soars.


Inside New York’s 'Belly of the Beast'

Cultural shift within New York police department credited for the latest record-low murder rate.


Walking the line: High tension on the border

Fiordeliza Matos tells us of a complex identity on a divided island.