Simon Marks


Refugee crisis: Escaping Syria to Europe's unknown

Breakdown of cohesion among EU nations means time is running out to get a grip on the escalating refugee situation.


Greeks voice their hopes and fears on referendum result

The majority of Greeks refused the conditions of a new bailout package from the EU, but are unsure what to expect next.

Business & Economy

Euro ministers reject Greek bid for bailout extension

Eurogroup finance ministers say Athens' bailout programme will expire on Tuesday, regardless of Greek referendum.


Greece crisis deepens ahead of key meeting

As talks break down again, Greece and creditors prepare proposals for meeting of eurozone finance ministers.


Greece's bailout stalemate in Brussels

Athens says 'splendid document' pulled off the table after Germany's top negotiator sat down.


Greece's left-wing government meets eurozone reality

Ruling Syriza party has stepped back from campaign pledge to write off more than 50 percent of its debt.


Belgium: A free speech and religion debate

After police 'anti-terror' raids, Belgians struggle to overcome 'misunderstandings' on religion and speech freedoms.

Business & Economy

EU austerity faces rising public anger

The European Union's 'Troika' institutions and austerity: friend or foe?


Cambodia's murder mystery: Who killed Vichea?

The killers of a trade union leader remain at large, amid charges that the country's justice system fosters impunity.


Cambodia tensions threaten to boil over

Despite talks between Hun Sen and the opposition, demands for reform have been largely ignored.


Ruling party reels after Cambodia vote

Sam Rainsy's party demands investigation into 'irregularities', while ruling party vows to change.