Simon Hooper


A brief history of UK-Libya relations

From the Lockerbie bombing to deals in the desert, from rendition to revolution, it is a relationship of contradictions.


Muslims face 'worsening environment of hate' in UK

Report reveals that abuse, discrimination and the threat of violent assault have become a 'normal experience'.


UK welcome for Egypt's Sisi faces criticism

Activists call for investigation and arrest of leader they blame for what they call Egypt's worst human rights crisis.

Human Rights

UN to probe the UK's deadly disability cuts

UN investigators to determine if the government committed "grave violations" after disabled people ordered back to work.

Human Rights

UK: Keyword warning software in schools raises red flag

Education Pro enables teachers to monitor students' online activity and sends "violation" alerts over trigger terms.

Poverty & Development

Out in the cold: The UK's social housing emergency

Forcible evictions fuel a housing crunch amid sharp welfare cuts and surging rent costs in London.


Fish and chips, Freddie Mercury, and UK childcare

To encourage 'Our British Values', childminders are being urged to play Queen and promote 'roast dinner' to toddlers.


Cancelled play highlights UK counter-extremism debate

Critics cry foul as production exploring youth radicalisation mysteriously pulled after police visit.

Human Rights

Stifling freedom of expression in UK schools

The UK Prevent programme infiltrates schools, targeting students who express certain views.

War & Conflict

The legacy of the 7/7 London bombings

London's tough response to 7/7 bombings thwarts attacks, but may not prevent radicalisation.

Human Rights

In pursuit of child rights in Tanzania

One former child domestic worker is fighting for change and child rights.


250,000 rise up against austerity plans in the UK

With the Conservative government announcing new cuts next month, protesters hit the streets en masse as a warning.