Silvia Boarini


Palestine hosts UAE in historic football match

Thousands of supporters cheered both sides despite the heat and dust-filled air as football returned to the region.


From trash to tables: Recycling food UK style

Projects aim to prevent food waste and help feed the hungry in 'pay-as-you-feel' volunteer schemes.

Arts & Culture

Jordan a 'haven' for regional artists

Although multiple refugee influxes have strained Jordan's economy, the country's cultural sector has benefited.


Vox Pops: Why we will vote the Joint List

Al Jazeera spoke to Arab and Jewish voters about their electoral choices.

Arts & Culture

Skate culture in Qalqilya

The first skate ramp in occupied Palestine a dream come true for young people into rollerblading, skating and parkour.

War & Conflict

Israel dismantles 'the gateway to Jerusalem'

Activists vow to continue protests against Israeli plans to further disconnect Palestinians from Jerusalem.

Human Rights

Aboriginal Australians defying gentrification

Aboriginals' 'tent embassy' in the heart of Sydney defies development plans and demands affordable housing.


Khan: Threatened by political archaeology

Although West Bank site is protected by international law, Israeli settlers use archaeology as 'tool of dispossession'.


A new revolution in Australia

Indigenous Australians are regrouping after more than two centuries as the socially disadvantaged 'other' people.

War & Conflict

Gaza industries reel under Israeli bombings

Palestinians estimate that 250 factories and construction sites have been damaged by Israeli fire in the Gaza Strip.

In Pictures

In Pictures: Bedouin face Israeli demolitions

Bedouin home demolitions in Israel have increased, as the state plans to displace up to 40,000 citizens.

In Pictures

In Pictures: Palestinians celebrate Easter

Barred from accessing Jerusalem, Palestinian-Christians marked Easter holiday with a joyous parade in Ramallah.