Shihab Rattansi

US & Canada

Trump to propose $1 trillion US infrastructure overhaul plan

US President Donald Trump has promised to propose plans for a one trillion-dollar infrastructure programme that would renew the country's roads, bridges, pipelines and other elements.

US & Canada

US airline pledges to reduce overbooking

The CEO of United Airlines has apologised again for the violent ejection of a paying passenger from a flight in April. Oscar Munoz was speaking at a congressional hearing into the airline industry.

US & Canada

May Day protests held across the US

Tens of thousands marched across different cities in the US to mark May Day. Many rallies harked back to the day's roots - a crackdown on mainly immigrant workers in the 1890s.

US & Canada

US video games focus on historical accuracy

The developers of Call of Duty: World War II say historians were consulted closely during the game's development, so that as players engage in battle, they also learn from the past.

US & Canada

US lawyers contest mass executions in Arkansas

Plans in the US state of Arkansas to execute six prisoners in 11 days are being contested by lawyers.

US & Canada

US: Ex-prison staff warn against mass execution by lethal drugs

A federal court in the US state of Arkansas is due to decide whether seven death-row inmates will be executed starting next week.

United States

US military actions lead to record number of civilian casualties

A record number of civilian casualties has been reported this month as a result of US coalition bombings in Syria and Iraq. Questions are now being raised over whether the US military has changed its rules governing the use of airstrikes.

Middle East

US denies involvement in Aleppo mosque bombing

US commanders have confirmed that an air strike targeted a meeting of al-Qaeda fighters in the Aleppo-Idlib region but insist that no mosque was damaged.

US & Canada

Democrats: Sessions should quit for 'lying' about Russia

Jeff Sessions, US President Donald Trump's attorney general, is under increasing pressure to resign after the Washington Post reported that he met the Russian ambassador twice during the election campaign.