Shahnawaz Akhtar


Marriage an alien notion for Indian tribe

Live-in relationships are the norm in Garasia community where women retain a high status in western state of Rajasthan.


Revisiting India’s forgotten gang-rape victim

Twelve-year-old, attacked four months before 2012 New Delhi rape case, is evicted from haven in capital as trial begins.


‘Eco-feminism’ helps save girl child in India

Efforts to combat practice of female foeticide yields positive and eco-friendly results in state of Rajasthan.


Kejriwal: Modi threat to India's secularism

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal tells Al Jazeera that BJP leader Narendra Modi will hurt country's international image.


Election tourism thrives as India votes

Braving the scorching heat, foreign tourists are visiting the world’s largest democracy to get a taste of its election.


Bizarre temples feed Indian faith

Odd shrines abound where motorcycles and "English Language" are worshipped and toy aeroplanes are given as offerings.


The rape victim that India forgot

Bereft of media attention, minor girl fights lonely battle and awaits 20th surgery after being gang-raped 16 months ago.


Fighting female foeticide in India

Rajen Choudhary of Rajasthan is known as the "Friend of the Unborn" for raiding clinics carrying out illegal abortions.

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Celebrities add colour to Indian politics

From actors to sportsmen and even ex-generals, political parties are roping in the famous to shore up their fortunes.