Seth J Frantzman

Seth J Frantzman is a Jerusalem-based commentator on Middle East politics and has lectured in American studies at Al-Quds University.


Where is diversity in American newsrooms?

It is time for the US media to acknowledge the absence of people of colour among journalists.

War & Conflict

John Kerry and the death of diplomacy

Diplomacy for diplomacy's sake doesn't achieve anything in that conflict.


Planning for Iraq's refugees and their future

It is essential to invest in clearing the vestiges of ISIL and listen to what refugees want when they return.

War & Conflict

Are Kurds seeing calm before the storm?

Conflicts in Syria, Turkey and Iraq threaten to undo Kurdish gains over the past two years.


Senegalese women's message to the world

The real test is creating a strong foundation for women's empowerment.


The EU can learn from Turkey's refugee experience

It's time to stop passing the buck and launch an efficient effort for refugees based on the best modern innovations.

Human Rights

Ethiopian Jews: Not Jewish enough

Discrimination has long been a problem in Israeli society - will these protests change anything?


A dangerous deal for the region

Iran gets nuclear energy, the region gets Iranian military adventures, incitement, and militias.


Israelis consider the economy not security

It’s about the economy, not security for Israeli voters.