Selma Milovanovic


Serb leader vows to defy war-crimes court

Vojislav Seselj says he will not return to The Hague if summoned after being released for medical treatment in Serbia.


Hero's welcome for Serb accused of war crimes

Supporters greet far-right leader Vojislav Seselj as he lands in Belgrade after being released because of poor health.

Human Rights

Confronting the Srebrenica massacre

Nineteen years later The Netherlands is found responsible for the deaths of 300 Bosnians killed in Srebrenica.


Violence mars Kosovo local polls

Ballots cast in mayoral and council races across territory, with two incidents reported in Serb area of key city.


Candidates attacked ahead of Kosovo election

One candidate killed and another wounded in separate attacks, as tensions remain high ahead of local elections.


Balkans brace for new Serbian Prime Minister

Myriad hurdles face newly elected government as former Slobodan Milosevic ally becomes Prime Minister.


Srebrenica: A town still divided

Ethnic divisions continue to plague this town, where more than 8,000 people were slaughtered in July 1995.


Sarajevo hosts a concert 20 years after siege

'Sarajevo Red Line' marks the 20th anniversary of Sarajevo's siege - the longest in modern history.