Sebastian Castelier


ISIL families lament harsh treatment in Iraq

Dozens of families accused of having relatives in ISIL have been forcibly displaced to an 'open-air prison' camp.


Born after ISIL: Life starts anew at Qayyarah hospital

Since Qayyarah was retaken from ISIL, the town's maternity hospital has been serving women across the region.

Middle East

Hard times for Oman's Strait smugglers

New taxes and the lifting of sanctions on Iran could contribute to smuggling's decline in the Strait of Hormuz.

Middle East

Displaced Iraqis take final exams amid chaos of war

'We should not stop teaching and studying because we are displaced,' says Hamdaniyah University president.

Poverty & Development

Iraqi children scavenge for a living

After fleeing from ISIL, dozens of young Iraqis spend their days searching through rubbish heaps for valuable scraps.