Sarah Clarke

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Hong Kong tackles rubbish crisis

Hong Kong produces around 3,380 tonnes of food waste per day, but landfill space is fast running out. To tackle the problem, the government is building an incinerator and an organic waste plant.

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Hong Kong to increase Star Ferry fares

The Star Ferry is one of the most recognised attractions in Hong Kong and also one of the cheapest forms of public transport. But the cost to ride is set to increase by 30 percent under a proposal by the company to raise more revenue.

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'Pink Star' diamond sells for record $71m

A rare pink diamond has become the world's most expensive gemstone ever sold at auction. Nicknamed the 'Pink Star', it was bought by one of Hong Kong's biggest jewellery stores for a record $71m.

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Hong Kong pro-democracy activists hold mock election

Pro-democracy activists are holding a mock ballot to get people to 'vote' for Hong Kong's next chief executive. The real vote will be cast by a committee of pro-Beijing loyalists this Sunday.