Sara Manisera

Battle for Mosul

Mosul civilians: 'Who knows who was shooting?'

Thousands in Iraq's second-largest city have been wounded as the campaign to remove ISIL fighters continues.


Tunisians seek justice over 'boats of death'

Hundreds of Tunisian men have disappeared while attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea towards Italy.

Battle for Mosul

Getting Iraq's war victims back on their feet

Rehabilitation centre in Sulaimania produces prosthetic limbs and offers vocational training for disabled Iraqis.

Middle East

Radio station challenges ISIL in Mosul

Despite the risks, Alghad FM broadcasts information and commentary into the ISIL stronghold via frontline transmitters.


Drawings from the seas: The refugee crisis in sketches

From grieving fathers to women burned at sea, social worker Francesco Piobbichi draws the stories of refugees.

War & Conflict

The Chetnik priest: 'I'm still in a mood to kill'

Orthodox priest Vojislav Carkic was in the infamous Chetnik division of the Serbian army during the Bosnian war.

Syrian Refugees

'Lady SOS': The woman saving Syrian refugees at sea

Nawal Soufy's phone number is passed to refugees who then contact her if their boat gets into trouble at sea.

Humanitarian crises

Could a bridge over the Mediterranean save refugees?

Two bold new projects want to ensure the safe and legal passage of refugees to Europe, while inspiring others to act.


Mafia trial puts the 'Pirate' of Rome in the dock

Massimo Carminati, a former member of a neo-fascist group, is charged along with dozens of politicians and businessmen.

Human Rights

Syrians risk their lives to build luxury in Lebanon

Refugees who fled Syria's civil war have found themselves with few alternatives for work in neighbouring Lebanon.