Sangwon Yoon

Middle East

Palestinian prisoners' terms of release

An explainer of the terms of release for 1,027 detainees in exchange for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.


Support grows for Palestinian's prison strike

Activists start open-ended hunger strike in support of prisoners in Israel fasting against "worsening jail conditions".


S Korean soldier goes on killing spree

Military official says a marine corps corporal has shot dead four colleagues along the tense border with North Korea.

Science & Technology

Is the inter-Korean conflict going cyber?

South Korea blames the North for cyber attacks while questions remain over how such an IT powerhouse was left vulnerable


Gbagbo supporters detained 'without charge'

Amnesty International says Ivory Coast authorities have been holding at least 50 people without charge for two months.

Science & Technology

North Korea recruits hackers at school

A former hacker and a hacking tutor say North is bolstering cyberwarfare units to battle international IT powerhouses.

Asia Pacific

China and N Korea launch joint economic zones

Projects follow Kim Jong Il's visit to China last month, where he was urged to implement economic reforms.


S Korea admits secret meeting with the North

South Korea confirms it held a secret meeting with the North last month but denies having 'begged' for summits.


Was bin Laden's killing and burial legal?

Key change in narrative of bin Laden's death sparks suspicion over possible legal violations.


Maldives police break up opposition protest

Dozens reportedly injured as police violently disperse activists staging protest over worsening economy.