Sandhya Ravishankar


Green innovation saves the textile industry in India

The textile town of Tirupur came up with real solutions to save their industry and their polluted land.

Mental health

India's mentally ill: On a pill and a prayer

Medicine finally joins religious therapy for thousands suffering psychological disorders in southern Tamil Nadu state.

Poverty & Development

Cowabunga: Catching a wave out of poverty in India

Impoverished young men turning to alcohol and drugs have bailed on addiction thanks to an epic southern surf school.

War & Conflict

India making inroads in Maoist stronghold

Bringing basic necessities to villagers is helping the Indian government's battle against Naxal fighters.


Inside Sonagachi, Asia's largest red-light district

Many of the 7,000 sex workers in this Kolkata red-light district say they have no other options for survival.


Infiltrating the porous Bangladesh-India border

Undocumented migrants from Bangladesh are crossing the 4,100km long border to build better lives.