Samya Kullab

Battle for Mosul

Aid groups brace for surge of displaced Mosul residents

The desperate conditions of west Mosul residents are expected to be compounded as Iraqi forces surround the old city.


Lost at sea: The search for missing refugees

Thousands of people remain unaccounted for after attempting the deadly Mediterranean Sea crossing.

Middle East

Turkish aid flows into besieged Gaza Strip

While Palestinians in Gaza welcomed the arrival of basic goods, some were sceptical about its long-term benefits.

Middle East

Surveying the post-ISIL damage in Palmyra

With international support, Palmyra can be rebuilt, according to Syria's director of antiquities.

Middle East

No jeans, no cigarettes on the bus from Beirut to Raqqa

Syrian refugees talk about their ordeal as they travel back home to see their families in ISIL-held territory.

Middle East

Can Lebanon's new plan end stigma of HIV/AIDS?

Social stigma and lack of knowledge about HIV/AIDS in Lebanon can lead to its spread, activists say.

War & Conflict

Fighting threatens agriculture in Lebanon's Arsal

With their lands used as bases for various armed groups, farmers say they have been unable to tend their crops.

War & Conflict

Syria war fuels sectarian tension in Lebanon

Sectarian tension and social marginalisation are behind Tripoli's deadliest attacks in years.


Fight builds for Beirut's cultural heritage

Activists in Beirut are combating a municipality-backed road project they say will cut through historic neighbourhoods.

Human Rights

Lebanon refugee-camp raids fuel resentment

Hundreds of Syrians suspected of involvement in anti-army attacks have been swept up, as refugees call raids 'unjust'.


Clashes displace residents of Lebanon's Arsal

Thousands flee Arsal, as the worst spillover of Syria-related violence in Lebanon pits rebel fighters against the army.


Lebanon wary of fighters returning from Syria

As government casts dragnet for would-be 'terrorists', residents with ties to Syrian rebel groups flee farther north.