Samuel Nelson Gilbert


Uranium mine troubles Native American groups

The project would be built on a mountain considered sacred by Navajos and Pueblos in New Mexico.

US & Canada

Rights violations exposed in LA prison sting

US security forces arrested 18 Los Angles prison officials and analysts say the case sheds light on poor conditions.


Calls to boycott Israel grow on US campuses

Calls to boycott Israeli academic institutions in support of Palestinian rights are gaining momentum.


Israeli land claims: Archaeology and ideology

Critics say Holy Basin archaeology is being exploited to advance Israeli claims to its 'eternal city'.


Controversy as Palestinian prisoners freed

Celebrations expected but critics say prisoners should have been released by Israel decades ago.


Palestine's fast and furious females

Women street racers known as the "Speed Sisters" have become a beloved component of the Palestinian racing scene.

Science & Technology

Access denied: Phone politics in Palestine

Networks in the Occupied Territories can only provide 2G services because Israel restricts bandwidth.