Samuel Gilbert


Albuquerque PD: a case study of police brutality

Will Department of Justice reforms change a culture of violence in the New Mexico police department?

Human Rights

Tensions rachet up in US immigration battle

Debate on immigrants rages on with 11 million undocumented people living under the threat of deportation.


Debate swirls over budding marijuana business

Sea change in US attitudes over marijuana's legality under way, but opponents say pot laws not up in smoke just yet.

US & Canada

Native Americans rolling the dice on casinos

More than 400 gaming dens operate on native lands, but critics say social ills and inequality stack the deck.


Massive climate march puts leaders on notice

About 500,000 participated around the globe in the Peoples Climate March, and Al Jazeera spoke to some in New York.


Palestinians forced to demolish own homes

Israeli rules mean Palestinians in East Jerusalem wreck their own homes to avoid bulldozers and fines.


Teenage Palestinian amputees top Kilimanjaro

A boy from Gaza and a girl from the West Bank have climbed Africa's highest peak to raise funds for Syrian children.

In Pictures

'Day of rage' over Bedouin displacement plan

Hundreds gather to protest again plan to force up to 40,000 Bedouin into townships.