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Activists decry Temer's Amazon deforestation bill

Proposed law would reduce preservation area and embolden illegal land occupiers, critics say as deadline looms.

Latin America

Brazil's Lula sentenced to nearly 10 years in jail

Former President Luiz Inacio 'Lula' da Silva convicted of corruption and money laundering, but is free pending appeal.


Michel Temer faces tough fight for political survival

Hit by corruption allegations, Brazil's leader is likely to leave office, analysts say, though how and when are unclear.

Latin America

Brazil's beleaguered President Temer refuses to resign

Protests called in Brazil's main cities after President Michel Temer, accused of bribery, refuses to step down.

Latin America

Brazil's prisons: A battleground in the drug wars

A growing gang war over drugs is fuelling bloodshed in Brazil's neglected and overcrowded prisons.


Brazil: Dozens more killed as prison gang war escalates

At least 33 inmates dead in northern Roraima state, just days after prison clashes between rival gangs killed 56 people.


56 killed, many beheaded, in grisly Brazil prison riot

Bodies butchered, decapitated and burned after clashes between rival drug gangs at a prison complex in Amazonas state.

Poverty & Development

Brazil austerity move slammed as disaster for the poor

Critics say government bid to pull country out of worst recession in decades with drastic measure hurts poorest most.


Sao Paulo strategy to help drug addicts in Cracolandia

Sao Paulo implements a "harm reduction" programme in Crackland approaching addiction as a health issue, not a crime.


Brazil: Police accused of targeting black youths

Italo's death highlights the entrenched racial divisions that persist in Brazil and failure to protect children.

Human Rights

Brazil: Laid-off workers occupy factories, demand pay

Mabe factory workers resist closures amid industrial and economic downturn in Brazil.


In Brazil, are the poor more likely to contract zika?

Poor infrastructure and sanitation means run-down neighbourhoods may be hardest hit by mosquito-borne viruses like zika.