Salvatore Babones

Salvatore Babones is a sociologist at the University of Sydney and the author of American Tianxia: Chinese Money, American Power, and the End of History.

Donald Trump

Is Trump's Asia policy working?

Against all expectations, Trump's China policy has reduced regional tensions while prying markets open for US companies.


Will China intervene in North Korea?

If China intervenes in North Korea, it would not to be to save Kim Jong-un.

Arts & Culture

China's new-found love for Confucius

Confucius is synonymous with Brand China, but can the Chinese government live up to the wisdom of Confucius?

Asia Pacific

Can China afford to challenge the United States?

Trump calls China's bluff on a naval arms race in the South China Sea.


Red Alert for China's pollution protesters

China wants people to care for the environment, one person at a time.

US & Canada

Trump's greatest deal

Trump wants a weaker dollar. China wants a stronger yuan. Will they make a deal?

Business & Economy

China's love affair with the dollar

Despite the internationalisation of the yuan, the US dollar remains China's currency of choice.

Business & Economy

China: Soon the most visible victim of deglobalisation

China's exports are falling and millions of jobs are at risk.

US Elections 2016

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and China

What the 2016 elections mean for the US-China economic relationship.

War & Conflict

Why China cares about the South China Sea

China's territorial claims are driven by a sense of historical victimisation.

Business & Economy

China's Dongbei model goes national

The privatisation of China's SOEs is about much more than just reducing capacity in coal and steel.

Human Rights

The rise of 'everyday freedoms' in China

China may not be democratic, but it is increasingly "free".