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Battle for Mosul

Iraq: 'Now we have a grave to visit'

A family's two-year search for an abducted member finally ends as his remains were found in an ISIL mass grave.

Battle for Mosul

'Anyone caught leaving Mosul will be executed by ISIL'

Hundreds of families fleeing Mosul fear they might be easy targets for ISIL artillery.


Battle for Mosul: What ISIL left behind

As Peshmerga forces regain control of towns near Mosul, residents speak out about life under ISIL.

Battle for Mosul

Mosul battle could cause a 'human catastrophe'

Al Jazeera speaks to a resident trapped with his young family as battle to retake the city enters its fifth day.

Human Rights

Child labour a growing problem in war-torn Iraq

More than 575,000 Iraqi children are estimated to be at work instead of school, double the number from 1990.

Middle East

Iraq report brings little solace to war-torn country

US invasion left country in ruins, Iraqis say, as protesters gather in London for official report on Britain's role.

Middle East

Iraq: Fallujah's displaced endure 'inhuman' conditions

Thousands of families who continue to flee Fallujah face a "catastrophic" situation, aid workers say.

Middle East

Fallujah civilians: 'Militias take turns to torture us'

Men who flee the ISIL-held city are often abused, or killed, by armed groups bent on revenge.

Middle East

Iraq's child soldiers: 'What happened to our boys?'

ISIL is well-known for its use of child soldiers, but the Shia militias fighting against ISIL use minors too.

Middle East

Residents fleeing Fallujah tell of 'horrific' ISIL rule

Those who escaped the besieged city described a lack of food, frequent executions, and forced domestic violence.

Middle East

Iraq: The end of sectarian politics?

Iraq is heading toward a serious crossroads, warn Iraqi analysts.

Middle East

Iraq war 13 years on: 'I was lucky to stay alive'

Iraqis reflect on how the US invasion and occupation changed their lives for ever.