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Slaughter of rare turtles in Yemen 'alarming'

Hundreds of endangered turtles have been killed in recent weeks, with some sold to restaurant customers as goat meat.

Middle East

Yemenis flock to coast for brief respite from war

Mukalla has revived an annual festival taking advantage of a natural phenomenon that cools the coastal region.

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Q&A: The man who defeated al-Qaeda in Yemen's Mukalla

Commander of Yemen government forces that defeated al-Qaeda in the southern city of Mukalla speaks to Al Jazeera.

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Meet the man using Facebook to help Yemen's destitute

Since 2011, Salim Omer Baras has raised more than $100,000 for the needy in the Arab world's poorest country.


Yemeni forces capture al-Qaeda stronghold in Hadramout

Government troops and Arab allies capture Ghayl Bawazer, al-Qaeda's last remaining stronghold in southern province.

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Yemen ceasefire: Yemenis share their war stories

One year after Yemen's civil war began, millions of people have been uprooted and are struggling to survive.


Dengue fever spreads in Yemeni city ravaged by cyclone

Mukalla's fight against the disease is hampered by a sewage crisis and the fact that al-Qaeda controls the city.

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Yemen authorities tell Aden: Put down your guns

Unrest and violence in Yemen's second city has spurred authorities to clamp down on arms ownership.

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Yemen: The truth behind al-Qaeda's takeover of Mukalla

Following al-Qaeda's seizure of the Yemeni coastal city months ago, a council was formed to govern the city.

War & Conflict

Yemen at war: 'No side is willing to capitulate'

A year since Yemen's Houthi rebels rallied for reforms, the country has spiralled into a bloody and enduring conflict.


Yemen's health situation 'disastrous', officials say

Doctors are grappling with an outbreak of disease in Aden, including dengue fever, which has already killed 144 people.

Humanitarian crises

Yemenis flee war-torn Aden to al-Qaeda-controlled city

After escaping intense fighting in Aden, residents face new challenges in Mukalla, which has been deserted by the army.