Russell Beard

Presenter and producer, earthrise

From the Congo to the Amazon, the High Andes to the Arctic – for the last four years I have worked as producer / reporter for earthrise and had the great privilege to meet many individuals and communities around the world, who are rising to the environmental challenges that we are all facing.

From the courageous local heroes in rural Kenya, risking their lives on the frontlines of wildlife conservation to the environmental entrepreneurs of Manhattan, who are making millions by recycling the American dream.

My work on earthrise is the perfect synthesis of my passion for ecology and filmmaking and has confirmed my belief in the power of documentary storytelling to make a difference in the world.

By exploring various aspects of our human aspiration and the earth's capacity to sustain it I hope the show helps viewers better understand the range of environmental challenges before us and that our positive approach inspires people to become more conscious, about how our everyday choices impact the planet and perhaps become active participants in the growing global environmental movement.

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