Rupert Stone

Rupert Stone is an independent journalist working on national security and counter-terrorism.


Should we be scared of Trump's drone reforms?

Trump's planned reforms on drone policy are problematic, but what he inherited from Obama was already concerning.


What will Trump do with the Iran nuclear deal?

Despite all the hostile posturing, it is unlikely that Trump's administration will rip up the Iran deal.

War & Conflict

US elections: Why no mention of Afghan war?

American voters have no idea how the candidates would handle the longest war in US history.

War & Conflict

In Libya, Britain's ignorance triumphed over caution

Like Iraq, which boosted the very terrorism it was supposed to neutralise, the war in Libya was a strategic catastrophe.

War & Conflict

Chilcot lets media off hook for selling Iraq war

If future military disasters are to be avoided, the media must also face up to its mistakes.