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Jubilant Kenyans extend warm welcome to Pope Francis

Despite rain, worshippers gather to greet Pope Francis on his visit to Kenya and attend mass.


Should New Orleans remove its statue of Robert E Lee?

Residents of the city are debating the future of Confederate monuments and reaching vastly different conclusions.


Kenya court ruling confirms Kenyatta victory

But the East African nation's new president will face another trial this summer at the International Criminal Court.

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In Pictures: Final Kenyan poll rallies

Rival alliances held mass rallies in Nairobi before campaigning ended ahead of Monday's vote.

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In Pictures: Kenya poll run-up

Fearing a return of violence after the upcoming election, Kenyans are fleeing the cities for safer grounds.

Humanitarian crises

Uncertain future for US towns built on coal

Appalachian coal producers worry about new environmental laws as poverty and pollution rise in some mining regions.


Kenya police face 'summary killing' claims

Critics say the global 'war on terror' has legalised a culture of impunity among the country's police forces.

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In Pictures: Defiant Somalis vow to report

A journalism school trains Somali refugees in Kenya amid a spate of deadly attacks back home targeting the press.

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Threats fail to deter young Somali reporters

Somalia is the most dangerous country in Africa for journalists, but refugees learning in Kenya vow a return to report.

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In Pictures: Britain's iron rule in Kenya

Horrific abuses by British colonial authorities catch up in court with the empire after more than five decades.


Britain's brutal rule in Kenya on the docks

Decades-old struggle for justice over crackdown on Kenyan rebellion goes to court, opening retribution's door.

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Somalia in Transition

Somalia has a new constitution, parliament and president, raising hopes it will finally shed its "failed state" title.