Robert Shiller


Bubbles without markets

The recent worldwide financial crisis pales in comparison with earlier "bubbles" promoted by totalitarian regimes.

Business & Economy

Does austerity promote economic growth?

According to recent studies, in most cases spending cuts have a tendency to weaken economies.


The neuroeconomics revolution

Much of modern economic and financial theory is based on the assumption that people are rational, says author.

US & Canada

The great debt scare

The drop in economic confidence was sharper in July 2011 than it was in 2008, due to fears of a US debt default.

Business & Economy

Debt and delusion

Debt-to-GDP ratios should be less of a concern than our inability to see these indicators as artificial and irrelevant.

Humanitarian crises

Economy, insure thyself

Japan could have mitigated financial fallout with proper catastrophe insurance, such as GDP "trill" bonds.

Business & Economy

The next market bubbles: Food and farm land

By 2010, US farm prices fell only 5 per cent from their 2008 peak, compared with 37 per cent for home prices.