Robert Kennedy

Al Jazeera's Robert Kennedy is a writer and editor who has reported from Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Cuba and elsewhere. 

Nuclear weapons

Trump passes up chance to 'rip up' Iran nuclear deal

He called it the 'worst deal ever' while campaigning, but Donald Trump will extend nuclear deal at least 120 more days.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Francois Hollande: Two-state solution is the only way

France's Hollande tells representatives from 70 countries it is up to Palestinian and Israeli leaders to achieve peace.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Summit tackles elusive Israel-Palestine peace

International effort to re-ignite moribund talks between Israelis and Palestinians under way in French capital.

United States

Killing John F Kennedy and the prospect of peace

35th American president was gunned down 53 years ago on Tuesday, ending what some say were plans to finish the Cold War.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Survival and resurrection after Congo's civil war

Daniel Kanyarahuru was imprisoned for 15 months in torturous conditions but was rescued and now lives happily in the US.


Nepal: Medicine dissemination the new-fashioned way

Sumana Shrestha gave up a high-powered job in the US to return home and help heal survivors of the devastating quake.

Poverty & Development

Meeting and greeting the world's young business minds

Global Entrepreneurship Summit unites the universal business spirit with investors seeking to better the world.


Investing in the future of refugees

With current refugee-care systems tearing at the seams, one US group is turning to the private sector for salvation.


Red-flagging Canada's children on no-fly lists

Nearly two dozen kids deemed flight security threats - with little recourse to remove the highly secretive designation.

Business & Economy

Capitalism meets communism head on in Cuba

Normalised Cuba-US relations could result in a hybrid economic model blending socialism and entrepreneurial spirit.

Poverty & Development

'El Bloqueo': 55 years of obstructing the Cuban people

Stifling US embargo still chokeholds the island decades later, but will détente finally halt its devastating effects?


Can Cuba's internet come out of the cold?

Caribbean island has one of the lowest connectivity rates in the world with just 3.4 percent of households online.