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Middle East

Performers flock to Palestine dance festival

Palestinian artists are attempting to overcome obstacles imposed by the Israeli occupation to enrich their cultural heritage.

Middle East

US defence secretary talks Syria with Israel's Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a warm welcome for the US defence secretary in Jerusalem on Friday. Mattis reiterated US expressions of staunch support for Israel and discussed Syria’s ability to use chemical weapons.

Middle East

Gaza's ailing economy affected by energy shortage

Crisis adding pressure on population already reeling from high unemployment and low living standards.

Middle East

Gaza energy shortage adds to plight of residents

Crisis takes its toll on territory's two million people already trapped by Israeli and Egyptian border blockades.

Middle East

Gaza's public workers face salary cuts

Tens of thousands of Palestinian public employees in the Hamas-governed Gaza Strip are facing a nearly one-third cut in their salaries.

Middle East

Palestinians demand Israel recover missing bodies

Israel says it has lost the bodies of several Palestinians, most of whom died during the Second Intifada of the 1990s.

US & Canada

California wages climate war against Trump

The US state of California is moving ahead with tough fuel standards, defying new White House policies. Regulators in the state have voted to extend vehicle emission rules until the end of 2025.

US & Canada

Mix of cultures, styles at SXSW music festival

One of the world's biggest international music festivals is winding down in the US state of Texas. The South by Southwest festival (SXSW) showcases talent from dozens of countries, styles and traditions.

United States

US musicians fear repercussions of health-policy overhaul

The 31st South by Southwest festival draws musicians from all over the US and the world. Repeal of the Obama-era Affordable Care Act, proposed by President Donald Trump, could make it more difficult for them to make a living through their art.

US & Canada

Calls for Trump to back up wiretapping claim

Politicians from both the Democratic and Republican parties are calling on US President Donald Trump to provide evidence of his claim that Barack Obama had him wiretapped during the election campaign.

US & Canada

Trump's travel ban condemned by Democrats, rights groups

US President Donald Trump has signed a new immigration order, banning travellers from six Muslim-majority nations, excluding Iraq. The leader of the Democrats in the Senate has called the order "mean spirited and un-American".

US & Canada

Trump seeks probe into his phone-tapping claim

Donald Trump wants a Congressional investigation into his claim that Barack Obama tapped his phone during last year's election campaign. The US president has provided no evidence for his assertions, which Obama has described as “completely false”.