Rob Reynolds

United States

World is running out of sand, scientists say

Scientists say the world is running out of sand - a vital ingredient in the manufacture of concrete and glass, as human consumption far exceeds supply.

United States

US takes Yellowstone grizzly bears off endangered list

The US government has announced that grizzly bears living in and around the famous Yellowstone National Park will no longer be protected as an endangered species. This means people in states surrounding the park may be able to hunt the bears.

US & Canada

Record US heatwave forces airlines to cancel flights

A heatwave across the western United States is breaking records and that is causing concern about the supply of electricity with air conditioners being used heavily.

Business & Economy

Amazon shakes up retail with $13.7bn Whole Foods deal

Purchase sets the stage for 'transformative' retail experiments that could revolutionise how people buy groceries.

United States

US: Nearly one mass shooting a day since January

The attack on members of congress on a baseball field in Virginia was the 154th mass shooting in the US this year. This amounts to almost one a day. Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynolds reports from Los Angeles.

US & Canada

E3 expo: Gaming's big releases revealed

Thousands of people have gathered in Los Angeles for one of the gaming industry's biggest events - the E3 Gaming Expo. This year's big releases include games about zombie apocalypses, alien wars, and how to successfully build a theme park.

Middle East

Leaked emails: UAE diplomat worked to denigrate Qatar and Kuwait

Leaked emails from the UAE's ambassador to the US - Yousef al-Otaiba - show that he worked with the pro-Israel neo-conservative think-tank the Foundation for Defence of Democracies, to co-ordinate cyber-attacks on Qatar and Kuwait.

United States

Pennsylvanians: We know deep mining is not coming back

Mahanoy City was once home to the biggest coal crushing plant in the US. Donald Trump succeeded in his presidential bid, in part by appealing to communities that were once flourishing coal-mining towns. Most of them have now fallen on hard times.

US & Canada

Portland white supremacist Jeremy Christian appears in court

Attacker defends stabbing two men to death as 'patriotism' as he faces charges of either life imprisonment or the death penalty.

US & Canada

Portland in shock and grief after 'hateful' stabbings

Donald Trump has condemned the killing of two men who were trying to protect a Muslim girl and her friend from a white supremacist on a commuter train in the city of Portland on Friday.

US & Canada

US sues Fiat-Chrysler over emission scandal

The US government is suing Fiat-Chrysler, one of the world’s largest automakers, over the alleged use of illegal software to bypass emission controls on diesel cars.

United States

US government plans to abolish net neutrality rules

A US federal agency responsible for regulating telecommunications is moving ahead with plans to abolish net neutrality rules. The rules prevent internet service providers from favouring one company over another.