Rob McElwee


Climate science is not a belief system

What are greenhouse gases, and why it matters if their levels increase.


Europe's late spring freeze

An intrusion of cold air has pleased skiers, and worried farmers, in Europe


Zimbabwe's dams swell up as the rainy season ends

After downpour caused by Tropical Storm Dineo, Zimbabwe witnessing overflowing dams and rivers.


Australia's record-breaking summer

Sydney and Brisbane hot, Perth wet, Kimberley flooded, and Uluru spurting waterfalls.


Record snowfall in the land of ice

Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, gets buried in the deepest February snowfall on record.


Storm Doris screams through the UK and Low Countries

Wind damage, sudden snow, travel disruption then an Arctic temperature drop for Scandinavia. Europe's 'weather bomb'.


Tropical Storm Dineo hits Mozambique

Storm causes damage in Inhambane Province before heading off towards Limpopo river.


Flooding in Fiji - but no cyclone

One year after TC Winston, the South Pacific looks seasonally wet but quieter


Darwin's wettest day in five years

Australia's Top End gets its heaviest monsoon wetting in years.


2016 declared Earth's hottest year on record

The 40th consecutive year with a global temperature above the 20th century average has just ended, with another record.


Storm damage hits northern Europe

Flood, tidal surge, snow and wind damage sweep across UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Poland

Middle East

Dense winter fog blankets Arab Gulf countries

Long-lasting bank of sea fog has caused traffic jams and flight delays, with visibility going down below 50 metres.