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In Pictures: China's building ban

A look at some of the country's most popular structures in the wake of a new five-year construction prohibition.

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Singapore's dangerous pollution problem

A dense haze has blanketed the city-state with officials blaming neighbouring Indonesia's slash-and-burn agriculture.

Human Rights

Q&A: Mother mourns Tiananmen massacre

Having lost her son 24 years ago in China's deadly military crackdown, a retired professor continues to demand justice.

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In Pictures: China's congress opens

Nearly 3,000 Chinese delegates attend the first ceremony of the National People's Party in Beijing.


Fighting the fire of China's corruption

Artists such as Zhang Bingjian have taken a creative stand against corruption in China.

US & Canada

Chinese dig in for 'approaching doomsday'

December 21 marks the end of days for humanity, according to doomsayers, and 1-in-5 Chinese are preparing for the worst.


Fighting desertification in China

Beijing launched an ambitious plan a decade ago, but the desert continues to swallow up large tracts of green land.

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In Pictures: China's Congress closes

China's ruling party unveils new members that will steer the Asian giant for the next decade as the congress closes.