Risking It All

Risking it all

Hazardous trucking in DR Congo

Congolese drivers navigate trucks laden with goods and passengers through mud and jungles for hundreds of kilometres.

Risking it all

The daredevil pilots of Colombia

Colombian pilots brave one of the world's most perilous air routes to deliver supplies to villagers deep in the Amazon.

Risking it all

The river traders of Brazil

There is a unique and dangerous commerce system at work in Amazonia, where children risk their lives for a few pennies.

Risking it all

Across Mexico: Chasing an impossible dream

Latin American migrants risk life and limb to reach the US border in search of the American dream.

Risking it all

The flying men of Yungas Valley

Bolivia's coca farmers make a living criss-crossing deep valleys on a web of makeshift cables high above forest canopy.

Risking it all

Pakistani truckers' perilous journey

Meet the men who navigate arguably the world's most dangerous road in order to ferry goods to remote mountain villages.