Richard Angwin

Richard Angwin maybe the newest recruit to the weather team, but he has been in the weather business for more than 30 years.

Born in Cornwall, England, Richard joined the Met Office in 1979. He spent the next ten years on weather observing duties at military and civil aviation bases across southern England. After completing an Open University Earth Science degree and Met Office courses, he became a forecaster in 1990, based in Bristol. There he produced forecasts for hot-air ballooning, construction and even pigeon racing.

In 2000 he became the face of weather for BBC West and a decade of television weather forecasting saw him present weather whilst wing-walking on an aeroplane, grassboarding and juggling. Richard is delighted to have joined Al Jazeera and be reunited with Steff Gaulter, with whom he worked at the Met Office.


Summer 'shamal' disturbs life in the Gulf states

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Latin America

What caused Colombia’s deadly downpours?

What caused Colombia’s deadly downpours? Al Jazeera's weather presenter Richard Angwin explains what caused the downpours and if the situation is likely to improve in the coming days.


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Millions of Americans brace for blizzard

A rare snowstorm is expected to shut down much of northeastern US and disrupt the lives of 60m Americans.


Japan hit by heavy snow flurries

Winter storm brings major disruptions to the north of the country with as much as 83cm of snowfall.