Rich Wiles

United Kingdom

On your bike: Helping refugees get around London

The Bike Project collects and fixes unwanted bikes before giving them to refugees so that they can move around the city.

United Kingdom

A tour through London with the city's homeless

Homeless people are paid to give street-level tours of the city that weave its history with their own stories.

Arts & Culture

Art festival explores Palestinian right of return

The third edition of the Qalandiya International contemporary arts biennial drew global attention to the issue.


UK: Families opening doors to refugees

Meet the British families who are hosting refugees in their homes.

Middle East

Global calls to free Palestinian clown held by Israel

Circus performer Mohammed Abu Sakha has been held in administrative detention since December.

Middle East

Crafting traditional olive oil soap in Palestine

The Tuqan factory in Nablus is the oldest survivor of this once-prominent industry.

Human Rights

Palestinian teachers march demanding salary increases

An estimated 10,000 people demonstrate in Ramallah for the second time this month to demand wage hikes for teachers.

In Pictures

British coal, the end of a mining industry

A move towards renewable energy has left collieries and their employees out in the cold.

Climate Change

'Grow Heathrow' community resists airport expansion

Environmental activists say runway expansion would make for 'the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide in the country'.


Yorkshire 'Football for All' project helping refugees

Football club Yorkshire St Pauli's grassroot initiative helps support those in the UK forced to flee their countries.


Palestinian Bedouin fight for their survival

If Abu Nuwwar is demolished, it is expected to pave the way for the full implementation of Israel's E1 development plan.

Middle East

Palestinians return to 'Bride of the Sea'

To mark the Nakba and shed light on Jaffa's Palestinian history, a range of events were held in the city.