Rhodri Davies

Arts & Culture

The young Muslims finding love via an app

For today's young Muslims, traditional methods of finding a life partner are increasingly viewed as inapplicable.

Arts & Culture

Arab women artists and their long road to expression

At a London festival, female artists grapple with the issues facing their region and their own identities.

Arts & Culture

Palestinian Oscar-nominated film gives a voice to doubt

Director Basil Khalil challenges the rigid beliefs of the region with a sense of sarcasm and rebellion in Ave Maria.


The photo controversy over indigenous people

Critics assail British photographer's portrayal of indigenous people, but he says he's highlighting their plight.


Can Qatar's food security plan ripen?

Using solar power to desalinate water and become food secure has sceptics asking if the plan will ever come to fruition.


Qatari women prepare for Olympic debut

Female athletes from the Gulf state will compete for the first time, but many still face hurdles - in sport and society.

US & Canada

Venezuela's indigenous university

The institution, located in 5,000 acres of forestland, teaches ancient wisdom and rights in the modern world.

Latin America

Scavenging on the edge of Venezuelan society

Many indigenous Warao people are unable to find a way out of poverty in both traditional communities and modern cities.

US & Canada

The cult of Maria Lionza

Venezuelan religion draws thousands to mountainside rituals for purification and guidance.

Poverty & Development

Westernising Georgia faces snags

A Georgian scheme to supplant Russian with English as a second language is facing the barriers it aims to dismantle.


The rising cost of toy guns in Iraq

Toy guns are illegal in parts of Iraq, but fears persist over their role in a violent culture.


Northern Iraq's budding Chinatown

As foreign investment increases in Iraqi Kurdistan, cultural boundaries are being broken.